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Four Pre-Scheduled Appointments We Can Transport To

At Penchant Home Care, we’re dedicated to being your source for reliable, experienced senior care. If you need safe, non-medical transportation for yourself or a loved one to pre-scheduled appointments, we can help! Our team understands the importance of living on your own and why it’s the best option for our clients, and that’s why we’re here to help with senior transportation in South Carolina. Here are four pre-scheduled appointments our team can help you get to on-time, every time!

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Chemotherapy & Surgery

When you need to get to appointments for health services, we’re committed to helping you get there. Whether you have regular chemo appointments as part of a treatment plan or you need to get to a surgery, we’ll help to get you there safely and on-time. Our team will help to ensure that you also get home safely and have everything you need to be comfortable!

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Doctor Appointments

Another major part of staying healthy is ensuring that you attend regular doctor’s appointments. Anytime you need help with getting to an appointment, our team can help! We’ll make sure to confirm the details of your appointment and your transportation so you never have to worry about being late, too!

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Clinical Testing

If you’re part of a clinical trial or testing program, we’re here to get you there safely and reliably. When we get to our scheduled pick up location, we’ll call you to let you know, and you can just hop in to get going! From there, we’ll get you to your appointments safely and on time.

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Physical Therapy

Keeping your body moving is an important part of keeping yourself feeling your best. Whether you need to get to medical center or a physical therapy center to meet with a physical therapist, we’ll get you there safely and efficiently. Our drivers are trained to safely navigate to where you need to go with ease!

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